Presentations by Chrissy Barth

High Performance Fuel for Athletes and Exercise Enthusiasts

Did you know that sports performance is 90% nutrition? It is true that nutrition can make a good athlete great and a great athlete good. In this fun and interactive program, you will have the opportunity to assess what is preventing you from reaching your true potential. What are you not eating? Are you physically active? Do you get enough sleep? Is your mind malnourished? You will also walk away with the following keys:

Discover the “Athlete’s Plate.” Divide your plate into thirds! You will learn how to build your own plate for meals and snacks to best meet your nutrition needs so that you can perform at your best.

Learn the benefits of hydration and the dangers of dehydration. Sports drinks or plain water? You will also learn which beverage is right for you at the right time and how to achieve optimal hydration every day to enhance your sports performance and recovery.

Keep it simple. You will be provided with a handful of key sports nutrition takeaways, which include the six keys to optimal nutrition-driven performance, the pros and cons of caffeine, the importance of sleep, travel factors, grocery shopping tidbits, and nutritious and delicious meal and snacks ideas when in a time crunch. As an athlete and exercise enthusiast, to perform at your best, it’s imperative that you take care of your body every day not just the day before, the day of or the day after an event.


Reach and Maintain a High Performance Lifestyle (HPL)

All levels of leaders need the energy to excel at their careers. Long working hours, business travel, lunch meetings, and late dinners all compete for the precious 24 hours in the day. Being a successful leader requires physical and mental stamina above and beyond a typical 9 to 5 job. The same way nutrition, exercise, and stress management can make an elite level athlete good or great – a leader can be good or great, depending on how they choose to fuel their corporate athlete from within.  High Performance Lifestyle (HPL) helps people explore their self-care strengths and weaknesses and create a strategic plan for continuous improvement.  Work-life balance can make a good leader …GREAT. And a great leader with improved HPL can easily reach their peak performance levels.

Learn How To:

*Discover how the right foods eaten at the right time can help you think and feel better.

*Develop healthy choices at restaurants and buffets without depriving yourself.

*Learn the power of presence and how it plays an integral part in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

*Walk away with your own “Wheel of Life” plan for your personal and professional well-being.


How to Boost Your Metabolism with a Nutrition Tune-Up with 5 Easy Steps

Traditional diets with an “all or nothing” approach set us up for failure because they can be too depriving and require a laundry list of unrealistic changes. Subtle changes can make a big difference!  Discover how those changes will dramatically increase your metabolism and get you tuned up for living. Get back to the basics by discovering the five easy steps you can make today that will positively impact your health and weight.

Learn How To:

*Discover which foods are metabolism boosters and metabolism sabbotagers.

*Reach and maintain optimal energy with the secret metabolism formula.

*Reach a healthy weight with 5 easy to follow habit forming tips.

*Know when to add the ‘right’ supplements to your diet and when to toss the ‘wrong’ ones.


How to Loose 3-5 Pounds in 7 Days!

This balanced eating plan is designed to help you lose 3-5 pounds in one week. In addition to weight loss, this plan decreases water retention and reduces bloating with the unique combination of foods and fluids.  Receive a 7-day meal plan with a grocery list as well as motivational check-in emails to keep you going for the week.  You will also learn the 10 keys of preventing inflammation with this proven detox program.

Learn How To:

*Beat the bloat with a no-fad dieting approach.

*Incorporate nutritions and delicious foods into your meal plan that you can live with for the long haul.

*Familiarize yourself with the top 10 detoxifying foods list that are a necessity for a healthy liver, clearer skin, and increased vitality.

*Demystify some common nutrition myths that may be sabotaging your health and performance.


Your Ultimate Kitchen Makeover: The Fridge, Freezer, and Pantry

You are only as healthy as your last trip to the grocery store.  Learn how to stock your refrigerator and cabinets for optimal health and wellness.  This workshop includes simple and nutritious meal and snack ideas for you to incorporate into your active lifestyle. Discover how ‘The Ultimate Kitchen Makeover’ can help you loose weight, eat right and keep the weight off for life.

Learn How To:

*Successfully navigate the grocery store for the right food choices.

*Create a ‘healthy plate’ with every meal.

*Fight inflammation with the right food combinations.

*Uncover the famous health food ‘fakes.’


Superfoods! The Most Powerful Foods for Health, Performance, and Disease

Prevention Discover specific superfoods that protect your heart, strengthen your bones, promote digestion, sharpen your vision, clear your lungs, pain-proof your joints, boost your mood and memory, and smooth your skin.  Learn which foods sound healthy, but aren’t and may be sabotaging your health and weight loss plan.

Learn How To:

*Understand what makes a superfood “super.”

*Uncover the 7 super spices and why they should be a part of your daily diet.

*Boost the nutritional value of your food.

*Create menus where you are able to incorporate some of these superfoods effortlessly into your eating regimen.


*Presentations are available as a Keynote, Seminar or Workshop