Protect Your Gut to Protect Your Health

by Chrissy on July 29, 2018

The microbiome has been gaining popularity in the news and in health science. Researchers are discovering more about the strong connection between the interactions of the bacteria in the body and a person’s overall health. Particularly, the gut and the brain. The gut is home to a myriad of bacteria, both beneficial and pernicious. The […]


Have you heard of Health at Every Size?

by Chrissy on July 6, 2018

Health at Every Size is an evidence-based approach that supports people of all shapes and sizes. HAES promotes the inclusivity of all people from all different backgrounds and lifestyles, regardless of their race, nationality, sexuality, gender, beliefs, health or other factors. This approach supports people in their adoption of health promoting behaviors, but also does […]


Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

by Chrissy on November 5, 2017


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays as it’s a time to enjoy with friends and family over great food, conversation, and football!  Did you know that the average American will consume 3,000 calories at the Thanksgiving dinner? Furthermore, we know the indulgences can continue throughout the holiday season for many. My motto when it […]


Superfoods of Summer

by Chrissy on July 25, 2017

From half-day Fridays to beach getaways, summer is the perfect time to take things slow and enjoy some much deserved time off. Unfortunately, for many of us, summer can also mean lots of less nutrient-rich foods to choose from such as oversized frozen cocktails, sugary carnival treats, and deep-fried seafood. When it comes to eating well […]



Tip One: Eat what you are craving and enjoy it mindfully. If we ignore our cravings, we typically end up eating almost everything in site. Craving that slice of chocolate cake? Honor your craving or else you might go back and eat the whole darn cake. I’ve been there myself. Live and learn! Tip Two: […]


The Benefits of Meal Prepping

by Chrissy on June 7, 2015


Meal prepping has become a popular trend in the health and fitness world. Meal prep has many benefits when it is done correctly. It is not just for athletes or fitness gurus; it can be helpful to anyone! Meal prepping is traditionally done by purchasing food in bulk and cooking it all at once, distributing it […]


An Eating Disorder is Like

by Chrissy on May 11, 2015

Below is a piece written by someone who I know that has struggled with an eating disorder.  I am proud to say that she is now in recovery.  She is an amazing fighter and awe-inspiring writer.  Her piece written below is one of my favorites that I feel describes what having “an eating disorder is […]


Staying on Track!

by Chrissy on March 1, 2015


Staying on track with your New Year’s resolution is the toughest part. You gained enough motivation to start going to the gym and eating healthy, but now you have to keep the motivation. It is shown that only about 20% of people are sticking to their healthy habit resolution after the first month. Here are […]


Eating Paleo – Just Another Fad?

by Chrissy on November 19, 2014


The paleo diet is one in which is believed to be consumed by our ancestors thousands of years ago, and is also referred to as the “caveman diet.” The belief is that we were born to only consume this diet where the modern diet causes diseases, obesity, and other health aliments. Paleo consists of foods […]


3 Key Principles of Intuitive Eating

by Chrissy on October 13, 2014


When you first hear the words “intuitive eating,” they might sound scary if you are used to being told what and what not to eat. After attempting fad diet after fad diet and reading food tips, you have been convinced that there is a right and a wrong way to eat. How could someone ever […]