An Eating Disorder is Like

by Chrissy on May 11, 2015

Below is a piece written by someone who I know that has struggled with an eating disorder.  I am proud to say that she is now in recovery.  She is an amazing fighter and awe-inspiring writer.  Her piece written below is one of my favorites that I feel describes what having “an eating disorder is like…”


Painting angel wings on a criminal,

a picture-perfect model without a pedestal,

a shoe without laces,


socks without feet,

a heart without a beat

a dream without a soul,

a spirit with gaping holes.

a pen without ink,

eyes that don’t blink.

A soul without color,

Love without another.

Lips that do not speak,

Hide without seek.

A mirror without a face,

arms without embrace.

loose ends that don’t tie,

a suicidal thought that doesn’t die…..



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